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Base information Epoxy by Epoxy Resin Committee (ERC), a product committee of PlasticsEurope

Chemical Information

Unit Conversion

Info-service about chemistry

Assessment of potential BPA emissions from epoxy applications


Construction technique

German Institut for construction engineering

All about bridges


Hazardous material

Dangerous substances

Useful information about dangerous goods,Inc.htm

WHG-classification (German ground water protection act)

Laws and regulations

Introduction to the Carriage of Dangerous Goods

Actual European legislation (download)

Operations safety

Plastics Europe: Manual for safe handling of epoxy resin
Database for protection  gloves

Patent research

US-patent and registered trademark research

German and European patent research
Initial inquiry about the state of the art: DEPATISnet
Surveillance research: DPMApublikationen
Search International and National Patent Collections


Quality survey

Approved product lists from BASt (see menu "Qualitätsbewertung")


Information to accident leaflets for transportation 

Information and manual about transport of dangerous goods (downloads)

German Federal Ministry of Transport


Organisations and Institutions