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About CTP

CTP, Chemicals and Technologies for Polymers GmbH, centrally located in the Rhine-Main region in Rüsselsheim, has concentrated ever since establishment in 1993 on the development and production of epoxy hardeners and modified epoxy resins. 

Our innovative CeTePox® products are basically solvent-free, and serve as source and intermediate products for manufacturers of coating materials. Our customers are predominantly engaged in the sector of concrete and steel protection. In conjunction with our supporting service, our products are used in particular for the protection of engineering structures, and as industrial soil and water protection coatings. As well as this, however, they also provide the basis for adhesives, mortars, and filler and surfacer products, as well as applications in typical metal corrosion protection.

CTP Advanced Materials, established in 2004, has long years of experience in the sectors of fibre composite materials and casting and adhesive applications.

This company’s portfolio includes innovative epoxy systems for the manufacture of rotor blades for wind power installations, automobile manufacture, and casting resins for mineral casting beds for machine tools and electrical insulation materials.