Emissionsarme Produktpalette

CTP has developed an innovative series of products which take full
account of the AgBB concept, thereby permitting sustainable applications.

The test certificate (EMICODE)
140 S delivers

All innovative products and systems in the low-emissions CeTePox® -
product range are suitable for passing the test to measure the
emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs, SVOCs) from
construction materials acc. to DIN EN 13419.

The CeTePox® 140 S  primer system has passed this test and
received the test certificate. This means we offer you the possibility
of marketing a certified system without having to spend your own money
on tests or having to incur any significant costs.

Your advantages
CeTePox® - more than just epoxy

1. Test certificate for use with rear surface moisture            
    Two low-emission CeTePox® systems offer you tested safety in this
    difficult area of application.
    CeTePox® 103 NF S
    CeTePox® 245 R / 1961 H

2. CE mark - inspection on the coating system in accordance with
    DIN EN 13813

    The CE mark is used by the manufacturer to declare under its own
    responsibility that its product corresponds to the relevant legal
    regulations and technical specifications.  

   Overall, CTP offers a CE mark for nine resin/hardener combinations.
   In the product range of low-emission epoxy resin systems, these are:

   CeTePox® 103 NF S
   CeTePox® 140 S

3. Low-emission solutions for many coating issues

    Using this CeTePox® product range, it is possible to achieve low
    emissions in the entire coating structure. Difficult or damp substrates,
    rear surface moisture or the need for a flexible intermediate layer no
    longer represent an obstacle.