Wind energy

  • Infusion systems with long processing time, very rapid hardening, and excellent mechanical
  • properties
  • Outstandingly good infusion properties, especially for very thick laminates and reinforcement materials with low permeability, such as, for example, for the manufacture of belts with carbon fibres in unidirectional orientation
  • Especially well-suited for the manufacture of large rotor blades


  • RTM and VARTM resin systems with short cycle times and highest possible thermal and mechanical characteristic values
  • Injection resins with high-quality optical properties for “carbon visual laminates“
  • Extensive portfolio of textile preform binders with variable melt behaviour and excellent compatibility with all conventional epoxy resin systems

Industrial Applications

  • Prepreg systems with very good fluid properties and optimum fiber wetting
  • Economical in-house (wet-preg) prepreg systems, economical but still meeting the most extreme demands of dynamic stress, and excellent adherence to the most widely differing materials such as steel, aluminum, wood, and many kinds of plastics
  • Low-viscosity winding resins, with high thermal stability and mechanical performance