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Why CTP Advanced Materials?

In order to participate in the fast growing and technical demanding applications of composites, casting and adhesives resins for the market segments wind energy and transportation systems, CTP Advanced Materials GmbH was founded in 2004. Using separated resources for these activities CTP AM will participate in shaping the development of future fibre reinforced composites and related market applications, e.g. through the usage of solvent-free EP-systems.

With the aid of our application technology know-how and by developing tailor made products we want to serve and to focus our attention to the customers within this market.

CTP AM is offering a broad range of formulated products based on epoxy systems used for all relevant application techniques such as prepregs, filament winding, pultrusion, resin infusion systems and hand-Iay-up.

In addition we provide also auxiliary products such as gelcoats, adhesives etc.

For most of our products we have either received approvals and/or are certified by leading international testing institutes. Committed to innovation CTP AM cooperates with manufacturers of reinforcement materials to develop improved and unique problem solutions for the best possible value.